Do you have optical extras?

A lot of health fund optical benefits expire on 30 December so if you don’t use it during the year, you lose it! Contact us today to book your next appointment.


Our team is here to care for your eyes and help you to maximise your health fund investment every year so that you’re not missing out on included benefits. Whatever your need, lean on our expertise to prescribe eyewear that’s right for your individual circumstances.


Prescription Sunglasses – Sunglasses in your prescription are one of life’s necessities for glasses wearers. Did you know you can claim prescription sunglasses with your optic extras? Enjoy the outdoors with superior clarity and essential protection from damaging UV and glare. With so many prescriptible frame options and polarised lenses for ultimate glare protection, there’s no reason to compromise any longer.


Digital eyewear – Do you experience eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, neck, shoulder or back pain after extended digital use? If you spend two or more hours a day on a computer, smartphone or tablet we’d recommend a dedicated digital pair to relax and protect your eyes. Designed specifically for digital screen distances and up-close work, latest technology combats blurriness, pixelation, brightness and glare from your screen.


Contact lensescontact lenses give you the freedom you need when glasses get in the way. Do you have times like this in your life? Foggy glasses when wearing a mask? Sport, travel, weekends or special occasions? So ask us if your prescription is suitable for contact lenses.


New Fashion Look – ready to shake things up with a new look. Come in and check out our new styles by Ray-Ban, Bolle, Prodesign and Face a Face.


Reading Glasses – If you wear progressive glasses or multifocals for everyday glasses, we recommend a dedicated pair of glasses for prolonged reading and other up-close activities. Your eyes and neck will thank you as you will have a wider zone of near vision


Whatever your need, lean on our expertise to prescribe eyewear that’s right for your individual circumstances.


Spare Everyday Pair – do you have a back-up pair if something happened to your everyday pair of glasses? One thing Covid has taught us is unpredictable things can happen! Even the simplest of task can be difficult whilst waiting for a new pair of glasses to be made up. A backup pair guarantees you can continue to live life as normal, and your independence and safety are not compromised. It’s your peace of mind pair.


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