Digital Eye Health

Do You Have Digital Eye Strain?

We are using digital devices more than ever, so it’s no surprise that your eyes feel dry, or tired after working in front of a screen all day. Below are some of the more common symptoms of Digital Eye Strain.

Dry/Irritable Eye

Are your eyes burning, watery or intermittently blurry? Dry eye is a common problem but can have significant impact on how your eyes feel and see. We offer dry eye assessments and various treatment options.

Binocular vision Assessments

Best vision is achieved when the eyes work as a team. Basic evaluation of binocular vision is included in our Complete Vision Assessment and if required, more in depth testing will be booked.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital devices are unavoidable these days. Unfortunately our eyes weren’t built to cope with extended periods looking at a screen. We can help you with strategies and specialised spectacle lens designs to minimise eyestrain associated with device use.

Visual Hygiene

When using digital devices it is important to have the right conditions for your eye health. Make sure you are in an area that is well lit, take breaks, keep your eyes hydrated and choose the right eye wear for you.

Prescription of specialised lenses for digital use

The best way to care for your eyes while using digital devices is to wear specialised blue light lenses in your glasses. Blue light blocking glasses filter out the blue light coming off digital screens, protecting your eyes from glare.



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