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Complete Vision Assessment

The Bridge Eye Care version of an ‘eye test’. A comprehensive examination of your eyes and vision. Retinal photos and ultrasound scans are done routinely. Our Optometrist has an extended appointment time to not only assess your eyes, but explain the results and recommend the best solutions for you.

Diabetic Examination

A Complete Vision Assessment which also includes dilating the pupils so that a thorough examination of the retina can be done to check for complications associated with diabetes. This will make your vision blurry for an hour or two (recommended not to drive for this time) and requires some sunglasses to wear home to help with sun glare. The Optometrist will also write a report to your GP.

Glaucoma Screening

Included as part of our complete vision assessment this involves careful examination of the optic nerve, iCare eye pressure measurement (no ‘puff’ or ‘drop’) and OCT scanning if indicated.

Macula Screening

OCT macula scans are done on every patient to ensure earliest detection of macular degeneration and monitoring of disease

Driver’s licence Assessment

We conduct driver’s licence and heavy vehicle licence assessments and provide reports as needed.

Prescriptions Eye Medications

Our therapeutically qualified Optometrists are able to write prescriptions for eye drops to treat conditions such as conjunctivitis, allergies and inflammation.

Emergency Care

Emergency appointments available for things such as red eyes, sudden onset vision loss, eye pain or flashes and floaters.



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