Have your eyes ever worked this hard??

For many of us, covid has increased the time spent on digital devices as we work, school, entertain ourselves and connect virtually with loved ones, largely from our homes.

Combined with less than perfectly lit and ergonomically setup home-office and learning environments and increased usage of smaller smartphone screens, more Australians are likely to have experienced a growing condition known as digital eye strain.

The good news is that we can help. Find out more about the symptoms below and how we can alleviate the strain to keep your eyes feeling fresh throughout the day.

Digital Eye Strain Explained….

Digital Eye Strain is the physical eye discomfort felt by 65% of individuals after 2+ hours in front of a digital screen. Symptoms can include one of more of the following and the statistics represent the frequency of reported symptoms.
  • 35% Neck, shoulder and back pain
  • 32% Eye Strain
  • 28% Blurred vision
  • 27% Headache
  • 27% Dry eye

Why does it occur?
Our eyes are focussing and more intensively, switching the frequently between devices and adjusting to increasingly smaller and pixwlated characters and bright glowing screens.

Smart phones have placed even greater focussing demand on our eyes because they are held much closer than computers and tablets.

Digital device use alters the pattern of blinking the eyes, reducing the number of blinks per minute and the strength and completion of blinks making the eyes feel dry and uncomfortable.

Our posture has changed as we lean towards the screen and/or slouch in our chairs, putting a strain on the neck and back.

How we can help!!

Innovative lens technology alleviated digital eye strain and prevent digital fatigue.

Designed to relax and protect your eyes, they provide clear viewing at typical screen viewing distances, as well as reducing blurriness, pixilation, brightness and glare.

For prescription glass wearers, dedicated work computer glasses will combat digital eye strain and deliver postural benefits as you focus will be optimised for close up work and screen viewing.

Understanding your individual needs including the set-up of your digital environment and the type of work that you do, allows us to prescribe a tailored vision solution for you.

Tips to give your eyes a break…

Follow the 20-20-20 rule – every 20 minutes look away from the screen and focus on an object 20 feet ( 6 meters ) away and blink 20 times

Keep ambient lighting on to reduce directional light onto the screen to eliminate glare

Position yourself at arms length and set the height of the screen so you look directly forward at eh top toolbar on the screem

Increasing text size on devices to better define content on the screen

Use artificial tear eye drops if your eyes feel dry and drink plenty of water

Have a regular eye exam! Keep on top of your vision and eye health with a regular vision to us

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